Zuitér Montello DOCG Rosso (Magnum)


This wine is typical of the hills of Montello, in the Treviso pre-alps, made from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wine’s name originates from “zuita,” meaning “owl” in Venetian dialect, which lives on the “red earth” rich in iron and clay, and which gives its name to the land of the Serena family in Venegazzù. The still young wine, rich in tannins need a slight aging in young wood (the process takes 12 months) to achieve the goal of a delicate organoleptic balance.

The Winemaking Process

The vinification takes place with fermentation on the skins.
The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, extracting techniques are daily pumpover and delestage for a gentle extraction from the skins of quality compounds: polyphenols and coloring substances. The malolactic fermentation takes place spontaneously in the aftermath of the alcoholic fermentation. The young wine, rich in tannins, needs a slight aging in barrels (for a period of 12 months) to achieve the goal of a delicate organoleptic balance. The oak woods used to accompany the aging of wine are chosen depending on the year, using the enologist’s discretion, new or second-use barriques.
In this phase, the oxygen condenses the tannins, obtaining a bouquet of extraordinary elegance and a harmonious flavor.

The Wine

Dense ruby red with garnet. An intense and persistent nose, with clear notes of black berries; then progressively emerging hints of sweet and balsamic spices. Soft and harmonious, outlined by an intact and structured tannin. Wide, enveloping finish, of considerable length, which sees the return of balsamic spices, liquorice and cocoa notes that elegantly integrate with the tannic matrix. Accompanies dishes of fine international cuisine, pepper fillet steak, roasted red meats and stews and aged cheeses.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 3.00
SO” MG/L: 80

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