Zuitér Montello Colli Asolani DOC Manzoni Bianco


The Manzoni 6.0.13 or Manzoni Bianco is a grape variety native to the province of Treviso, arising from the cross between Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco. It is cultivated in the Fontana Masorin estate at an altitude of around 330 metres above sea level, being characterised by clay soils with a good supply of carbonates and microelements that are beneficial for the vine.


The grapes are harvested by hand upon reaching full maturity then destemmed, pressed and cold macerated for a few hours in order to enrich the aroma of the must. At the end of maceration, the skins are extracted from the must, which is then clarified before being fermented at a controlled temperature using selected varietal yeasts. The refinement then takes place in steel tanks for about 6 months.


The wine is straw-coloured with green highlights. The delicate bouquet has a prevalence of fruity and tropical fruit aromas. With a dry taste, its softness and structure integrate well with the flavour and minerality. Thanks to refinement in the bottle, the wine acquires greater complexity and volume in the mouth. Pair with vegetable-based appetisers, shellfish or risottos. Serving temperature: 10-12 °C.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
SUGAR G/L: 2.00
SO” MG/L: 100

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