Prosecco DOC Rosé Treviso Brut Millesimato with tissue paper


Our Prosecco Rosé cuvée is made with a blend of 85% Glera and 15% Pinot Noir, selected from the most suited vineyards for the production of sparkling wines.

The Winemaking Process
The Prosecco Rosé is obtained from an assembled cuvée.
The best Glera grapes are harvested and used to obtain the sparkling Prosecco base. The bunches are harvested, the must is clarified and subsequently fermented at a controlled temperature. The best Pinot Noir grapes are harvested early to limit the alcohol content and the quantity of tannins in the wine; the must is then fermented at a low temperature in contact with the skins for a few days, to extract a limited amount of colour and only the
most subtle and typical aromas of the grape variety. Once the two base wines have been
obtained, they are blended in order to obtain the highest finesse and balance, both at an organoleptic and olfactory level, while respecting the dictates of production.
The cuvée is then fermented for a second time in steel tanks, where it remains on the lees for a total period of 70 days. After refining on the lees, the wine is filtered and bottled.

The Wine
The wine has an elegant pink colour, reminiscent of the colour of Pinot Noir. The long period of time on the lees results in a fine, persistent perlage that is perceptible to the taste in a decisive but refined way. The aromas are delicate
and reminiscent of wisteria flowers and white fruit, together with hints of
small red fruits such as cherries and redcurrants. The wine has a balanced taste, with the right balance between the freshness of the Glera grapes and the light structure provided by the Pinot Noir, which makes it creamy, persistent and full-flavoured. This balance of flavours makes the wine versatile and it pairs well with different foods: it is excellent as an aperitif, it finds its maximum expression with all raw fish and fish first courses, delicate and decisive, it also goes very well with cheeses, aged for different lengths of time.

ALCOHOL % BY VOL.: 11.00
TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
SUGAR G/L: 9.50
SO” MG/L: 110
ATM. PRESS.: 5.50


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