Promosso Spumante Extra Dry (Magnum)


Part of a skillful range of wines obtained from white grapes, with maniacal attention to detail in the process of producing its sparkling character, Montelvini presents Promosso Extra Dry, a fresh, dynamic sparkling wine that represents our vocation as producers of this category.

The Winemaking Process
The wine obtained from the vinification techniques is put in an autoclave, where it ferments again, in the presence of selected yeasts, at 16 degrees
Celsius. On completion of the fermentation process, it is refrigerated at -4 degrees Celsius and left in contact with the yeast. After the aging period, the wine is centrifuged and undergoes isobaric filtration in a second autoclave, before being bottled.

The Wine
The aromas are delicate fruity, and distinctly spicy.
On the palate there is a pleasurable acidity that is lively and fruity, with a dry, delicate body. It perfectly suits shellfish and white fish, as well as seafood; it is also excellent as an aperitif.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
SUGAR G/L: 15.00
SO” MG/L: 120
ATM. PRESS.: 4.30