Promosso Spumante Dolce


A sweet, white sparkling wine, obtained from aromatic grapes that provide the typical organoleptic notes of the Treviso hills.

The Winemaking Process
The must, obtained using the techniques of white-wine vinification, is partially fermented and then refrigerated. For the effervescing, it is placed in an autoclave and re-fermented in the presence of selected yeasts at 16 degrees Celsius. On completion of the fermentation process, it is refrigerated at -4 degrees Celsius and left in contact with the lees. After the aging period of the wine, it is centrifuged and undergoes isobaric filtration in a second autoclave, before being bottled.

The Wine
Straw-colored with golden highlights, the aroma is intense and spicy on the nose. It has a subtle, persistent perlage, sweet and velvety on the palate. It is perfectly suited after a meal with fruit tarts and biscuits.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
SUGAR G/L: 70.00
SO” MG/L: 110
ATM. PRESS.: 4.20