Novello Merlot del Veneto IGT


Our pride, made with the carbonic maceration. This is the first wine of the year and it is very good until spring thanks to an expert technical choice of mixing the product obtained with the carbonic maceration (almost 40%) with the product obtained with the fermentation at controlled temperature with selected yeasts.

The Vinification

The grapes without grape stalks are fermented in tins previously saturated with carbon dioxide (carbonic maceration). After a period of maceration that may varies between 5 and 8 days, the must-wine is separated by the skins and it is fermented at controlled temperature with the inoculation of a specific selected yeast. Once the fermentation is finished, the normal operations of clarification, cold stabilisation and filtration take place in order for the finished wine to be bottled at the beginning of November.

The Wine

Deep ruby coloured with bright purplish edges. The elegant and deep fragrance is completed by the harmonious and full of edges bouquet of flowery and fruity aromas. Its flavour is full and gentle, scented and harmonious, fresh and correctly tannic, just a bit sparkling. This is a very good wine for the whole meal, it goes well with soups, meats, cheeses, sweets provided that the dishes are not too elaborated and spicy. To be served just opened at 12°C-15°C in the Montelvini ballon. The product natural evolution may cause the accumulation of deposits on the bottom.

AC. TOT % AC. TART.:5.80
SUGAR G/L : 0.95
SO” MG/L: 120

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