Luna Storta Vino da Conversazione Bianco Passito


Luna Storta is obtained by drying selected grapes on racks in the Montello hills to reach the correct concentration of sugar.

The Winemaking Process
The grapes, once collected, are rested on the trellis, as was the tradition in the past, and checked periodically. Here, due to the effect of dehydration, the grapes reach high sugar concentration, which can even reach 40%; in practice from 100 pounds of fresh grapes, about 60 pounds of dried grapes is obtained with a yield of about 25-30 kilograms. The drying period can last until January. After crushing, the fermentation is long and slow due to the high sugar content of the obtained must.

The Wine
The sweet wine obtained has a strong, deep-golden yellow color. The fragrance ranges from typically exotic notes of pineapple, through dried fruit until reaching honey. On the palate it is sweet, slightly tannic, robust, full-bodied and pleasantly warm.
It is an excellent dessert wine, and marries beautifully with dry pastry or butter-based cakes. It is also a wine to be appreciated even between meals, a “conversation” wine.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.50
SUGAR G/L: 13.00
SO” MG/L: 150

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