“Il Brutto” Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Sui Lieviti – 2020


Our Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG on the lees recalls the ancient wine making tradition used to make this wine in the Treviso province, and more specifically in the Asolo area. We called it “Il Brutto” (“The Ugly”) because it’s a natural wine, unfiltered, with a limited natural presence of sulphites and a very low sugar content (2 gr/Lt).

It can be enjoyed in 2 different ways: slowly poured from a carafe after decantation, in order to let yeast & sediments deposit, leaving the wine nice crisp & clear; as a second option it can be poured directly from the bottle, allowing yeast & sediments to mix in the glass, in this case the wine will be cloudy, savoury and full-bodied.

This is the traditional way to make Prosecco, in a time when steel vats still did not exist, that creates a different version of Prosecco compared to the one we are used to drinking today. The grapes used for the production of this sparkling wine are harvested in mid-September from the slopes of the hilly areas south of the river Piave; The base wine, obtained from the first fermentation, is left to rest for at least six months, until the beginning of March, before being bottled for the second fermentation. Only after a minimum of 90 days can it be introduced to the market, without disgorgement. This means the separation of the residual yeasts will not take place, and this will characterize the wine with its veiled appearance and dry taste.

The very low sulphite level in this wine, is also possible thanks to the yeasts that helps it not to oxidise in the bottle.

Due to the low amount of residual sugar found in this wine, the “Brutto” is classified as “Brut Nature”. In the first few months after being launched, this Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Sur -Lie will be flowery and fruity, it will have a soft and enveloping taste due to the presence of well blended yeasts, with the sapid and mineral characteristics typical of the soils of the Asolo area. Over time the primary aromas will lose intensity and be substituted by more evolved notes, giving the wine a greater complexity. Each bottle and each poured glass can differ from one-another, showing us this evolution as it takes place. There is no homologation: This is a wine with a soul. The possibility to choose between two serving options, cloudy as it is or decanted, increases versatility and consumption opportunities. It can be tasted alone or be paired with many different dishes.

TOT. AC. % TART. AC. 5.30
SUGAR G/L 2.00
SO” MG/L 50
ATM. PRESS. 4.50


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