FM 333 Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut – Millesimato 2021


The excellent quality of the land and its fruits, combined with a new sparkling wine technique, lead to the creation of an Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, called FM333 which is wonderfully fragrant and original and that stands out for its unmistakable style. FM333 : FM means Fontana Masorin , the name of our vineyard located on Montello hill 333 meters above sea level . In fact this is the first Asolo Prosecco Superiore produced with Glera grapes harvested from a single vineyard. The Montello hill is a really singular location. The soil is almost red because rich in mineral elements, while the climate is sunny, well exposed and with a sensitive temperature excursion between day and night. All these aspects give the wine specific peculiarities and intense aromas.

The Vinification Process

Concerning the winemaking process, the grapes are selected manually once they have reached perfect ripeness, they consequently undergo a soft pressing and of the resulting must only the first pressing part (which is called in Italian Mosto Fiore) is kept and used for this wine. The must is kept at a controlled low temperature for about a week and then undergoes a cold liquid relaying technique, that allows a higher number of aromatic precursors to be extracted from the grape pulp. Subsequently, the must
is clarified by means of cold decantation and a single fermentation from the must
is activated directly in an autoclave to obtain this sparkling wine. This method is
different from what is normally used and for this reason FM333 is considered a “sparkling wine from must”. Once fermentation has ended, the rough lees are separated from the wine through isobaric decanting while the fine lees are kept
and periodically put back in suspension to allow the sparkling wine to acquire
greater elegance and softness. At the end of a process of about 6 months, the wine is filtered and prepared for bottling. The winemaking technique highlights the distinctive characteristics of the Glera grape; freshness and sapidity create the structure of this sparkling wine that harmoniously pairs with a lively, soft and creamy foam.

The Wine 

The colour of the wine is a bright straw yellow, with soft greenish nuances. On the nose you can perceive delicious aromatic touches that remind Golden apple, William pear and freshly cut grass. All this is completed by floral hints of wisteria and acacia.
The bubbles are very fine and persistent; we are hypnotically attracted by this sinuous dance and satisfied by the elegance and aromatic beauty. On the palate the wine is intense, mineral, lively and then expands in a tasting experience with a very long persistence, in which we find the olfactory aromas and hints of papaya and pineapple. FM333 pairs very well with raw fish, steamed seafood and Mediterranean dishes. It will be available in a luxurious and innovative packaging of which we have produced 3.333 cases.

ALCOHOL % BY VOL.: 11.50
TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.30
SUGAR G/L: 9.00
SO” MG/L: 100
ATM. PRESS.: 5.50


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