Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut


As an expression of the company’s excellent sparkling winemaking ability comes the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, a high-quality wine made from our best vineyards. This particular wine is characterized by its originality in the Prosecco landscape.

The Winemaking Process

The Glera grapes of the Asolo hills mature toward the end of September. After a first soft pressing, the must is fermented at a controlled temperature through the use of selected yeasts. After fermentation, the wine is filtered and stored, then re-fermented in an autoclave, with the addition of liquer de tirage, at a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. Once obtained, the sparkling wine is chilled to -4 degrees Celsius. Once the refining process is complete, the product undergoes isobaric filtration in a second autoclave and is then bottled.

The Wine

The wine is straw yellow in color with green reflections.
The fresh, fruity aroma is reminiscent of acacia flower, wisteria and Golden Delicious apples. its fine bubbles that rise in the glass create an instinctive festive atmosphere and its good structure, satisfies even the most demanding palates. At the same time, the elegance of its aromas and its softness make it attractive to all winelovers. Prosecco is well-suited to accompany the best. The main characteristics of this wine is its balance.

ALCOHOL % BY VOL.: 11.50
TOT. AC. % TART. AC.: 5.30
SUGAR G/L: 10.00
SO” MG/L: 120
ATM. PRESS.: 5.60


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